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Blue Box - Remix

by Detlef Landeck / Hans Tammen

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0 / 0:00 Q: This is an art project. Any idea what they're doing? -- F: I have no clue. Q: It has something to do with the war. -- F: Maybe the sirens, like an alarm? [...] Q: Do you like the way these artists address those issues? -- F: No.... it drives me crazy... horrible.... 1 / 1:02 F: I thought a "musical street" would be a bunch of bands playing, but what am I supposed to do here? M: do they want me to meditate now or what??? [... siren] Q: Do you think it works to remind you that way of the history of the street? M: No, that doesn't work, it's just grotesque.... 2 / 1:58 Various: Oh, that's nice.... they're crazy... I really have to say that the people get more and more stupid, and obviously music, too... I expected beautiful sounds, but that's only cacophonic... that's just noise... is this supposed to be art? You probably have to get used to it... I thought there were some construction workers in there.... 3 / 3:02 M: it is horrifying, it's just noise, it interrupts the business, and people are not drawn into the stores... maybe it is art, but please not during business hours.... This is not music, music is a rhythmic order of notes! For the majority of the people this is not music. My point is that for the majority the stores and businesses should be more interesting. M: this is great, I like if something is happening here. Nothing going on in this area anymore! 4 / 4:03 M: Why can't they stop talking about the Third Reich? I grew up in that time and have also been member of the Hitler Youth, and I had a good time. You could buy the butter for the same price everywhere, and everyone had a job.... do you want to put me in jail for that? Various: at first you wonder what it is, but then you start thinking... yes, it's done well, sounds pretty dark.... 5 / 4:55 M: I heard some trombone from afar, that sounded terrible... [...] F: The problem is the military industry. They create all those things, and they'll use it up. I don't understand people who work there, I wouldn't do that myself. People should get used to peace, but nobody wants it. Everybody wants to make money, that is not right... I want way more conscientious objectors against the draft in Germany. 6 / 5:55 F: We like nice marching music... yesterday we saw the British Bands, that was colourful... it's just a game today, not real anymore, and it's nice music. Look at the American bands with the sousaphone... powerful music, I like... but everything that is distorted noise, I don't like. [...] M: I don't understand those noises, and can't see how these artists want to achieve anything... marching music would be appropriate. F: what's going on here, is this a Nazi rallye? Listen to that "heimat" song.... [...] M: ...well, generally you should avoid noise.... 7 / 7:56 F: we don't like nazis... skinheads go home... pigs...


Remix of recordings made during an art project that was part of the 1998 documenta city program of the city of Kassel, Germany. The street “Treppenstrasse” in Kassel is located in the middle of one of the first pedestrian zones in Germany. Originally it was planned as a symbol for the pride of the Third Reich, an axis from the city’s main train station to the biggest square for the presentation of marching nazi troops.

A Blue Box was located in the middle of the Treppenstrasse. For two days artists Detlef Landeck and Hans Tammen confront pedestrians from inside the box with the street’s eventful history, using a sound system to juxtapose historic sounds with the sounds of today.

Reporters from “Freies Radio Kassel”, a regional radio station, roam the area interviewing pedestrians, and capture a wide range of friendly and hostile opinions. This remix, broadcasted a year later, juxtaposes excerpts from the interviews and recordings of the live performance.

See the "lyrics" section for an English explanation of the German remarks.


released July 1, 1998


all rights reserved



Hans Tammen Brooklyn, New York

...just another worker in rhythms, frequencies, and intensities.

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